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A Romantic retreat where views of the sea create a magical backdrop for passion and love

At the Villa Antiche Mura you can have, not only the wedding reception with gala dinner (or lunch), music and dance, but also different type of symbolic and religious blessing.

Each blessing is designed to create a truly memorable ceremony in Sorrento Coast.

Blessing and CeremoniesSymbolic blessing at Villa Antiche Mura Sorrento

We can perform symbolic blessing in our exclusive villa. This is a non religious ceremony and is not legally binding.

The ceremony is typically held in the terrace of the villa, overlooking the intense Sorrento’s sea.


ProtestantProtestant blessing coordinated by a pastor at Villa Antiche Mura

This type of ceremony is held in the grounds or on the terrace of the villa and is coordinator by an English Pastor. There is a great flexibility for the content and format of the blessing, so feel free to choose the text of the ceremony, music and exchange of rings.

For all the couples that instead are looking for Catholic ceremony or civil ceremony in Sorrento they can use a different location that we are ready to book for them without asking for any service or booking fees.

Blessing and CeremoniesCatholic ceremony

For Catholic Ceremony the only place to perform it is the church. The closest Catholic church to Sorrento (and the Villa) is located in Positano and It is called Santa Maria Assunta.

Positano is very well connect to Sorrento either with public transport or with private transfer that we will be pleased to arrange.

Blessing and Ceremonies Sorrento Civil weddings

For Civil ceremony, you can have it in the beautiful and ancient “Sorrento Cloister” located in the centre of Sorrento very close to the Hotel Antiche Mura (just 2 minutes walking distance) and also quite close to the Villa Antiche Mura (just 3 minutes by Car). For the Civil ceremony there is also another location located in Piano di Sorrento (10 minutes by car from Sorrento) called Villa Fondi.

Indian BlessingOther Weddings Ceremonies: Hindu Wedding, Persian wedding, etc

At the Villa has been celebrated also other type ceremonies. We had Hindu Wedding, Persian Wedding, etc.

In this case the wedding couple choose our Villa as perfect location for they special moment and they brought their own celebrant to perform the particular ceremony.

We followed their detailed instructions to create the perfect setting.

Wedding Coordination Services

For Catholic and Civil Ceremony we are pleased to inform you  that we can help get either all the information you need to make the ceremony by yourselves or we are pleased to offer you our “coordination service for catholic or civil ceremony”. If you choose us, we will take care of everything.

We will do all the preparation for you; when you arrive in Sorrento everything will be done. You will only need to go to the cloisters and say, I do!!!

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