History of the Villa


History of the Villa


Once owned by a private Sorrentine family, the Villa Antiche Mura with its stunning view of the bay of Neaples and the mount Vesiuvius opened its doors to the public for special events and ceremonies.

The two beautiful outside terrace offer the spectacular view of the “Bay of the Sirens”

This bay take its name from the description of the poet Homer in his most famount opera, the Odyssey:

‘So I explained everything to my friends, while our well-built vessel, borne on a gentle breeze, quickly neared the island of the Sirens. …. Then I plugged the ears of each of my friends, and they tied me hand and foot and stood me upright in the mast housing…

We drove past swiftly, but when we were within hail of the shore, the Sirens could not fail to see our speeding vessel, and began their clear singing…. No man rows past this isle in his dark ship without hearing the honeysweet sound from our lips… This was the haunting song the Sirens sang, and I longed to listen, commanding my crew by my expression to set me free. .Not till they had rowed beyond the Sirens, so we no longer heard their voices and song, did my loyal friends clear the wax that plugged their ears, and untie me…’ (Odyssey Book XII: 165-200)


The History of this bay together with its description is also written by the Latin poet Statius in his main works:


Statius: "Surrentinum Pollii (Silvae II, 2) & Hercules Surrentinus (Silvae III, 1),

Silvae II, 2 : Villa Surrentina Polli Feclicis ("The Surrentine Alcazar of Pollius Felix") A description of a alcazar at Surrentum, composed afterwards a festival. Description of the landscape, terraces, and earthworks, Pollius' art collection, and acclaim of the alcazar as a retreat from city-limits life, Pollius' political career, and his wife.

Silvae III, 1 :Hercules Surrentinus Polli Felicis ("The Hercules of Pollius Felix at Surrentum") This continued agreement describes a altar complete by Pollius for Hercules. The artist describes a barbecue he abounding with Pollius and the cloudburst that affected them to apartment in a battered altar to Hercules. Hercules appears to Pollius and commissions him to body him a temple which is accurately planned and built. The final area includes a adoration in the ambience of a anniversary at the shrine.


This description that the poet Statius wrote of the bay of Neaples, where was located the elegant Villa of his protector and friends Mr Pollius, is perfectly made to represent the piece of Land between the cape of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense that is the same area where the Villa Antiche Mura is located.

Please only note that the Villa of Polli Felicis is not the Villa Antiche Mra but they have the same incredible and fantastic panorama: “The Bay of the Sirens”.


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